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The name 10 Grounds refers to the 10 stages in Buddhism to Bodhisattvas or in essence enlightenment.

We believe that the work we do will enlighten an idea or a business to a path of greater profitability, better products, and happier customers. Find out how 10 Grounds can enlighten you.

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Keys to a Better Digital Product:

  • Involve customers in the design process
  • Obtain feedback from key stakeholders
  • Use data and analytics to make decisions wherever possible
  • Keep product designs at prototype stage and keep iterating while employing development resource
  • Use A/B testing whenever possible
  • Give customers a clear way to provide feedback
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Parnterships or projects … we can help!

We know there is a need for good development resources to support software projects. 10 Grounds is a studio built to provide high-quality development support in a cost competitive way. Let’s get started …